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Jeni offers private consultations, as well as tarot courses and innovative workshops. Jeni is warm, compassionate and highly intuitive and a founding member of the Tarot Guild of Australia.

Check out details about readings and new classes commencing late July 2017.


Jeni also teaches Tarot meditation.

She now offers a guided meditation CD on six major and minor Arcana Tarot cards. These meditations help you relax and gain a better understanding of your being.

About Jeni

Jeni is fascinated by the magic and mysteries of life. Exploring the nature of our spirituality in ways that foster psychological and emotional growth is her passion.  It led her to the study of Tarot and other esoteric traditions, as well as research into mythology, symbolism and Jungian psychoanalytic theory.

She has a Master degree in Women’s Spirituality and comes from a teaching background. She has taught at both Primary and Tertiary levels.

Jeni loves sharing her knowledge and experience with others – and, of course, learning from her students and clients.

She brings all her knowledge and experience into her Tarot readings, courses, workshops and creations.

My Deck: To be published

Jeni Bethell - The FoolYes, Jeni’s new deck will be published by Lo Scarabeo in 2018.

The Pentacle Flower


Jeni’s logo: The Pentacle flower hosting a peacock’s feather which was created by artist, Rachael Hammond.

The pentacle flower represents all the beauty that is magically created, to grow and blossom in the garden of Mother Earth.

The peacock feather represents masculine, solar energy, the passion of fire, and the wisdom of the ‘all-seeing eye’.

Together, the Pentacle Flower and the peacock feather symbolise the necessary union of masculine and feminine for wholeness, the interconnection of heaven and earth, the magical mysteries of life, and the sacredness of Nature.